Still from “Year Zero: Black Country” (2013)

Still from “Year Zero: Black Country” (2013)


Reimagining Industrial Migratory Stories CIC started when I discovered over 100 hours of archive moving image related to the stories of empire workers in the 60s and 70s. I’ve creatively treated the material as an artist and filmmaker, inspiring the BBC series “A Very British History”, and want to further this approach of liquifying specific cultural histories, focused on the stories of industrial towns at their time of greatest upheaval.

This CiC will offer workshops to community groups and schools, seek partnerships with museums and heritage organisations, and act as an artist led base from which to interrogate the birth point of modern Britain through 3-dimensional fully fleshed stories of real people.

On our board includes:

Our advisory panel includes Sarah Waldron, consultant, Dr Malcolm Dick PhD, Senior Lecturer in Regional and Local History Director, Centre for West Midlands History, James Walker, film writer and lawyer and Inder Nijjer, community development consultant