Stills from recent shoot for The Exiles photography project (2017 - ongoing).

The project recreates scenes from the 1960s in my hometown area, using film set techniques and tales drawn from local folklore, research, and visual inspirations. The first image was an enormous production for what is in principle a single shot movie.

Image 1 of the series, Day Shift, has been composited from 800 source files. A great team got together to make it happen, including outstanding DOP and lighting team, ex-NFTS art directing team, and many inspired volunteers. Involving my home community in these kinds of work is the most rewarding feeling; to take them on voyages into their earliest memories of British life has been a genuine joy. By working with a cast of newly arrived migrants today, we are able explore the circularity of the experience of non-natives merging with local life, of history on loop.

Below are images made in the lead up to the shoot by NFTS team, or locally sourced images as inspiration, stills taken on the day and images and fun videos from the various launches in Sandwell.

The next four images have been funded by ACE.

Commissioned by Multistory and ACE